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Vulnerability scanning and report validation module


  • Customisable dashboards

  • Scheduled or one-time vulnerability scans

  • Vulnerability scanning task management

  • Determine a quantifiable threat or risk score for each vulnerability

  • Interactive Vulnerability reports

  • Report templates for different types of reports (vulnerabilities dynamics report, management report, compliance report, full report etc)

  • Export of reports in a different formats (PDF, CSV, XML, HTML, DOC)

  • Vulnerability report approval

  • Import and merging of scanning results from multiple vulnerability scanners (Nessus, Qualys, Accunetix, Rapid7 and other vulnerability scanners)

  • Vulnerabilities Knowledge repository


  • Real-time visibility of vulnerabilities

  • Identify the security vulnerabilities impacting the assets

  • Easy to run and use vulnerability reporting process in a web application

  • Transparency of vulnerabilities scanning activities report approval process

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Security suite includes following modules

Perform the audit in a simple and convenient way.

A clear and consistent methodology to help to ensure that actual and suspected incidents are reported promptly, accurately and consistently and escalated to the right people who can take timely and appropriate action.

Real-time threat detection and global overview.

Improve employee awareness about security and reduce the risk of cyber threats aimed at exploiting people.

Reduce security risk by understanding the vulnerabilities present in the environment and responding accordingly.

Aggregate large amount of data from firewalls, web proxies, detection systems, and other sources.

Helps ensure that organization's data stays safe, secure and protected.

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