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Our product is a set of an interconnected tools and techniques we consider to be a framework for business transformation management with clear phases, deliverables and methods which provides significant advantages in business management field. As main benefits we can mention:

  1. Reduce costs in operation and business process maintenance and providence;

  2. Gives an opportunity to trace an actual situation of asset usage and capacity of performance;

  3. Provides effective approach and efficient usage of resources which results in productive operation of a processes;

  4. Improves the overall day-to-day operation and resource transparency.

It is not specific to one business function, technology or industry and can be applied to different business transformation use cases and phases.

Information gathering -> Analysis and modelling -> Design and requirements specification -> Transformation planning -> Enablement and review

Information gathering

Objects: Business processes (as-is) -> Functionality (as-is) -> Organizational structure (as-is) -> Technical solution (as-is) -> Finances (as-is)

Deliverables: Data base on the situation as-is to be transformed

Analysis and modelling

Objects: KPI, Industry standards, Business requirements etc. -> Possible scenarios

Deliverables: Documentation and assessment of possible transformation scenarios

(for example SWOT analysis)

Situation as-is vs transformation scenarios: high level gap overview (transformation scope options)

Design and specification of requirements specification

Objects: Business processes (to-be) -> Functionality requirements (to-be) -> Organizational structure (to-be) -> Technical solution (to-be) -> Finances (to-be)

        Deliverables: Business processes (to-be) schemas and description

                                Organizational structure (to-be)

Functional requirements specification

High level design for technical solution

SLA/OLA requirements

Budget requirements

Data base on the to-be situation: detailed gap overview (transformation scope identification)

Transformation planning

Objects: Migration (technical and organizational) -> Communication -> Training -> Risks mgt

        Deliverables: Transition plans

Enablement and review

Objects: Project planning ->Quality control ->Testing->Validation of results

Deliverables: Project plan

                    Quality control assessment of the project deliverables

                    Requirement traceability matrix

                    Assessment of project results

Product was previously sold under Graywolf

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