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To survive you'll have to change.

And here are the tools.

All the necessary toolset for documenting the changes, requirements for changes in systems or requirements for new system development.

Transformation suite is for customers who are planning or in process of transforming their organizations, implementing new or changing existing business processes. Transformation suite provides a single place for all the information and tools required to achieve the goals of business process management.


  • Business process design and requirements definition management

  • Knowledgebase accumulation management

  • Project management

  • Service management

Transparent processes and progress reports

Efficient collaboration

Single place for all information

Knowledge sharing and crowdsourcing

Structured approach to project delivery

Avoid fragmentation and gaps

Transformation suite includes following modules

Support for creation and collaboration of business process management.

Connect and collaborate with colleagues on projects and stimulate a live flow of knowledge through the organization.

Increase business efficiency and customer satisfaction

Manage projects more efficiently by following tested structure and system.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one that is most adaptable to change.


To be victorious tomorrow start transforming today

A structured approach to project delivery, with clearly defined roles, a structured lifecycle and supporting processes

Collect, share, collaborate and encourage company-wide knowledge crowdsourcing to eliminate information gaps

Integrated and robust WYSIWYG editor with BPMN modeler into one simple web-based application

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