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Traffic Generation Module



  • Complete load testing system for your applications

  • Module avoids the resource expensive web browser imitation

  • Can generate thousands of requests per second at different scenarios from a single agent machine





  • Ability to choose between at least three options for traffic generation:

    • HTTP/HTTPS GET/POST traffic generator

    • Selenium-based traffic generator is a pre-configured virtual machine which launches a browser and consistently also reports its own performance back to OwiTech Load Testing suite

    • Integration of standard load testing tools like JMeter to provide load generation in combination with those tools

  • A highly customizable agent which can generate large loads on your applications to test how they handle serverside requests

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Load testing suite includes following modules

Gives valuable long-term insights into actual system operation versus what is designed and expected

A highly customizable large load generator which can be deployed simultaneously in many locations.

Gain performance insights that expose and diagnose bottlenecks within the application, network or infrastructure that can help you fix them before users are impacted.

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