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24x7 security incident handling and threat identification

  • IT systems availability monitoring from the user's perspective

  • Monitoring of critical elements of infrastructure

  • Information security event monitoring

  • Analysis of information system alerts

  • Monitoring of privileged user activities

  • Monitoring of untypical user behavior

Investigation and prevention of security incidents and events

  • Security incident management in accordance with ISO 27035 standard

  • Registration of security incidents and events, investigation, and identification of root-cause

  • Supervision of Security incidents remediation and solution analysis even when activities performed by 3rd party providers

Collecting, storing and analysis of events and audit records from information systems

  • Collecting, filtering, normalizing and correlating of audit trails

  • SIEM monitoring and regular policy updates

  • Continuous analysis of SIEM events

Regular Scan of IT System Vulnerabilities

  • Scanning of IT Infrastructure and WEB application vulnerabilities (once a quarter)

  • Vulnerability scan results verification/validation, analysis and resolution support

  • Monitoring and supervision of the elimination/corrective actions for detected vulnerabilities

  • Honeypot trap installation and events analysis

Employee Theoretical and Practical Training in IT Security Issues

  • Tests of most common social engineering attack vectors for an organization (annually)

  • Security awareness training of employees (1x per year, up to 25 participants)

  • Access to security knowledge base

Management and service activities reports

  • Overview of the actual Information Security state of the organization

  • Information on eliminated security incidents and prevention status

  • Information about identified security events and threats

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