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Service Management module



  • Deliver more strategic value to the company and reach beyond IT support with an extensible platform

  • Lend structure to a Helpdesk and IT support processes, define and enforce formal workflows to be followed whenever a new ticket is opened

  • Provide proactive service for the business with self-service  and service catalog

  • Modernize service operations with an intuitive user interface

  • Improve call handling & first call resolution rates via a voice-enabled - 24x7 service desk

  • Reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs with a cloud-based service management solution

  • Leverage existing infrastructure with a 3rd party, open standards-based integrations






  • Incident management

  • Problem management

  • Change management

  • Release management

  • Configuration management

  • Service level management (SLM)

  • Knowledge management

  • Inventory management and asset discovery

  • Analysis and dashboards

  • Desktop & server management integration

  • Advanced service management support

    • Support for mobile devices

    • Voice solution integration

    • Self-service and service catalog

  • Capabilities that support any business service

    • Extensible service manage capabilities

    • Business automation

    • User-focused platform

    • Service analytics for any business

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Compliance suite includes following modules

Manage all compliance information in one centralized place with clear oversight

Real-time control and transparency from easy to run and use web application

Perform the audit in a simple and convenient way

Increase business efficiency and customer satisfaction

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