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Easy and fast integration

Our team is cooperating with the most successful information security and management system consulting companies all over the World. The platform is  perfectly designed to satisfy the most important customer needs in information security related services, management systems and even more - with possibility to integrate other information systems for operating the daily processes.

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We aim at the long term relationships

Security suite is a set of tools enabling vulnerability management from many technical vulnerability scanners as well as a platform to provide penetration testing service results to customers. Security suite back-office allows experts to work with manually identified vulnerabilities or the ones found by a multitude of leading scanners to create a relevant representation of security state  of customers' systems.

Security suite provides a long term service platform which allows to see how the vulnerabilities have developed over time and what actions have been performed by IT and information security staff. 

Trend analysis based on continuous scan results or multiple penetration tests provide customised and easy to understand recommendations for each specific case. Ability to communicate with service provider experts, integrate findings with the risk management and even create a internal work plans allow our customers to efficiently circumnavigate in dangerous waters of information security.

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Quality shows itself

Our expertise in providing full compliance solution has enabled creation of integrated service platform which doesn't try to replace or automate the knowledge, but compliments it by providing clear cut way for your compliance team to provide their services.

Compliance suite platform includes:

  • standardised compliance templates for different standards;

  • asset identification capabilities for difficult to track assets like virtual definition of "information systems", personnel knowledge and integration with easy to identify assets like virtual or physical devices

  • risk management (identification and assessment) capabilities

Compliance suite is designed to be an easy way to manage the organisations assets by taking into account huge spectrum of the management processes.

Compliance suite, being enable for experts is adaptable to customer/partner needs. Compliance suite can be used for specific tasks as well as a universal platform for running your management systems in compliance with external standards (e.g. ISO 27001; ISO 22301 or others)


Load testing done right

Load Testing service ensures the consistent and continuous performance tests for the information systems reflecting a dynamic output as various performance graphics and recommendations for improvements. Load Testing platform is designed to ensure the possibility to integrate other performance testing and even different kind of monitoring tools and are closely related to Compliance suites risk management section, messaging module and schedule development and management.
Customer has given an opportunity to build the own load testing scenarios, define a time scale, performance sequence, priority and regularity of the test performance. We have designed an excellent interface for the communication with experts and even within the customer organisation which helps automatically forward the tasks related to issues which are found during the tests.

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