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Security incident investigation and process management module


  • The centralized Web-based interface provides the single pane of glass for managing security incident tickets

  • Customizable dashboards

  • Incident detection and recording

  • Categorization and prioritization

  • Investigation and diagnosis

  • Notifications and escalations

  • Resolution and recovery

  • Post Incident review

  • Metrics, SLAs and relevant reporting


  • Security Incident management in accordance with ISO 27035  - guidance on information security incident management for large and medium-sized organizations

  • Responding to incidents systematically, so that the appropriate actions are taken

  • Minimize loss or theft of information and disruption of services caused by incidents

  • Ability to use information gained during incident handling to better prepare for handling future incidents and to provide stronger protection for systems and data

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Security suite includes following modules

Perform the audit in a simple and convenient way.

A clear and consistent methodology to help to ensure that actual and suspected incidents are reported promptly, accurately and consistently and escalated to the right people who can take timely and appropriate action.

Real-time threat detection and global overview.

Improve employee awareness about security and reduce the risk of cyber threats aimed at exploiting people.

Reduce security risk by understanding the vulnerabilities present in the environment and responding accordingly.

Aggregate large amount of data from firewalls, web proxies, detection systems, and other sources.

Helps ensure that organization's data stays safe, secure and protected.

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