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Rule Base Module


  • Ability to customize the rules of data processing by competent system administrators instead of requiring developers all the time (both for data obtained from users as well as for data retrieved from outside systems)

  • Allows to do both on-screen data validation with easy to understand user experience as well as submitted/received data validation/processing



  • Simple rule base engine for the creation of data processing rules with minimal software development skills (if something, then something, else something type approach)

  • Allows processing and managing different data sets from Data Exchange Fabric and or user inputs (via the portal, mobile application), tasks and assignments module and/or integration monitoring sources)

  • Allows both data manipulation as well as access to specific user interfacing components

  • Can be deployed both for data obtained/submitted as well as within forms on-screen

  • Allows building workflows

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Integration suite includes following modules

The backbone of efficient communication.    

Collect the data from many sources.

Create and validated single user identity independently with different authentication providers.

Makes sure your systems always use up-to-date data.

Everything there is about messages and notifications.

Build your web applications with pre-built, fully customizable modules and custom functionality.

Quickly deploy custom mobile application both on Android and iPhone.    

Create data processing rules with minimal software development skills and easy to use engine.

Manage projects, track milestones, set dependencies and accomplish tasks effectively.

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