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Risk Management Module



  • Real-time risk visibility

  • Easy to run and use risk management process

  • Transparent risk identification and assessment processes

  • Control over risk treatment plans and activities

  • Full self-service functionality





  • Customizable risk management dashboard

  • Different risk assessment iteration regularities (regular/scheduled assessments, one-time assessments) for each customer

  • Customizable risk rating levels

  • Risk register

  • Semi-automated risk management process based on ISO 27001 implementation and maintenance process:

    • Context establishment

    • Risk identification

    • Risk analysis

    • Risk evaluation

    • Risk treatment activities

    • Risk monitoring and review

  • Risk controls

  • Risk and treatment cost assessment

  • Risk merging

  • Risk treatment, additional requirements implementation, non-compliance mitigation plans, task assignment and due-date control

  • Risk treatment progress status and actual risk rating

  • Integration with other OwiTech modules (Compliance module, Resource module)

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Compliance suite includes following modules

Manage all compliance information in one centralized place with clear oversight

Real-time control and transparency from easy to run and use web application

Perform the audit in a simple and convenient way

Increase business efficiency and customer satisfaction

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