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Project Management Module



  • A structured approach to project delivery, with clearly defined roles, a structured lifecycle and supporting processes


  • A simple and easy to use web-based application with collaboration functionality


  • Helps ensure that schedule is accurate, that adequate resources are available, that everyone understands what is expected of them, what will be delivered and how much it will cost


  •  A shared understanding of the stages in a project lifecycle, with clearly defined responsibilities and specific roles assigned to specific individuals







  • Project dashboard


  • Task management, subtasks, and checklists


  • Task priorities


  • Time tracking


  • Gantt chart option


  • Users' groups and permissions


  • Milestones


  • Issue tracker


  • Collaboration feature


  • Notifications

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Transformation suite includes following modules

Support for creation and collaboration of business process management.

Connect and collaborate with colleagues on projects and stimulate a live flow of knowledge through the organization.

Increase business efficiency and customer satisfaction

Manage projects more efficiently by following tested structure and system.

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