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Notification Module


  • Easy integration and logic behind multiple delivery channels

  • Notifications are relevant based on the rule logic

    • e.g. only for IMPORTANT messages: first a mobile app push is sent → if no delivery report within 5mins/no read/dismiss report in 20mins an email is sent (if email is read, the mobile app push is dismissed automatically) → if e-mail has not been seen within 2h, an SMS can be sent

  • Self-managed notification management by users with feedback to the notification source system on what are the communication preferences



  • Notification management for many different notification sources (e.g. tasks and assignments, new messages, data about changes in monitored items, etc)

  • A single user is identified and notifications can be delivered to him/her over multiple channels (e.g. mobile SMS, mobile messengers, e-mail, web portal messaging, etc)

    • data content can be adopted, based on delivery channel

  • Customizable notification content and interactive notifications allow for immediate and structured response

  • Self-managed and easy to access notification management rules can reduce spam.

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Integration suite includes following modules

The backbone of efficient communication.    

Collect the data from many sources.

Create and validated single user identity independently with different authentication providers.

Makes sure your systems always use up-to-date data.

Everything there is about messages and notifications.

Build your web applications with pre-built, fully customizable modules and custom functionality.

Quickly deploy custom mobile application both on Android and iPhone.    

Create data processing rules with minimal software development skills and easy to use engine.

Manage projects, track milestones, set dependencies and accomplish tasks effectively.

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