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Mobile App Constructor



  • Fully functional mobile application frontend which connects to OWIS backend services delivered in a very short period


  • Similar functionality as in OWIs web portal can be easily deployed to a web application, reaping also benefits of "on-device" application like offline working ability, data caching, integrated authentication and others


  • Ability to create very custom designs of mobile experience if needed by building on top of OWIs Mobile App Constructor





  • Out of the box core key functionality:

    • authentication integration,

    • notifications for tasks and monitored items,

    • representation of data from data exchange fabric


  • Ability to quickly deploy a custom mobile application on both Android and iPhone


  • Whitelabeled constructor allows to create a fully custom mobile app, as the constructor is delivered as code libraries/samples, full customization is possible

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Integration suite includes following modules

The backbone of efficient communication.    

Collect the data from many sources.

Create and validated single user identity independently with different authentication providers.

Makes sure your systems always use up-to-date data.

Everything there is about messages and notifications.

Build your web applications with pre-built, fully customizable modules and custom functionality.

Quickly deploy custom mobile application both on Android and iPhone.    

Create data processing rules with minimal software development skills and easy to use engine.

Manage projects, track milestones, set dependencies and accomplish tasks effectively.

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