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Load test your systems to avert issues before they arise

End to end load testing, baseline testing platform and consulting services. We help you identify and fix issues before your customers are impacted.

  • One platform where multiple different load generation tools can be used


  • Tailored, specific authentication and load testing scenarios


  • Exact insights as to where the load testing issues might be


  • User behavior analysis and granular tracing of every single transaction


  • Artificial intelligence-led application analytics and performance management

  • Ongoing testing (can be run at each new version or continuously over time)

Practical recommendations

Tailor-made solutions

Industry-leading technology

Complete evaluation of all factors

See the full picture

Identify the root cause of issues

Load testing suite includes following modules

Gives valuable long-term insights into actual system operation versus what is designed and expected

A highly customizable large load generator which can be deployed simultaneously in many locations.

Gain performance insights that expose and diagnose bottlenecks within the application, network or infrastructure that can help you fix them before users are impacted.

  • Advanced analytics (application performance monitoring) module is based on industry-leading APM platforms, integrated with traffic generation module this allows us to see exactly where the performance issues are during load tests as well as during normal operation cycle of the system to be monitored.

  • Baseline testing with simple user synthetics solution and performance analysis from the user perspective.

  • Traffic generation module includes a management platform for traffic generation agents which allows easy deployment and scaling of base infrastructure:

    • HTTP POST/GET request agent

    • WEB browser based agent

According to Amazon, 100ms increase in Latency = 1% reduction in sales.

Walmart found 1 second improvement in page load time increased their conversion by 2%

Google uses page speed as ranking signal which means that the faster pages are ranked higher

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