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Knowledgebase Accumulation Module



  • Share knowledge between departments and global offices

  • Collaborate on projects in a single location

  • Natural language search function to allow users to access the information quickly and easily

  • Self-learning capability which captures the constantly changing flow of information

  • Allows specific content to be ‘pushed’ to a specific user group when required

  • Knowledge sharing and encourage company-wide knowledge crowdsourcing to eliminate information gaps




  • Enables you to gather, analyze, store, and share knowledge and information

  • Users can provide feedback on articles

  • Built-in knowledge article approval workflows

  • Natural language search

  • Content management

  • Push relevant knowledge to system users

  • Subscriptions to knowledge articles and entire knowledge bases

  • Reports to measure knowledge base usage

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Transformation suite includes following modules

Support for creation and collaboration of business process management.

Connect and collaborate with colleagues on projects and stimulate a live flow of knowledge through the organization.

Increase business efficiency and customer satisfaction

Manage projects more efficiently by following tested structure and system.

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