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Are Your State of Compliance Aligned With Internal and External Requirements?

Improve the state of compliance with internal requirements (strategies, goals, policies, procedures) as well as compliance with external requirements (specific legislation like GDPR, information security laws, and regulations, custom standards: ISO 27001, PCI-DDS, HIPPA etc.)

  • Optimize work and maintain procedures and policies

  • Do risk assessments and internal audits

  • Maintain incident reporting, service management processes

Easy to run and use web application

Follow predefined audit workflow

Clear oversight and reporting

All information within one framework

Semi- automated process

Transparency and traceability

Compliance suite includes following modules

Manage all compliance information in one centralized place with clear oversight

Real-time control and transparency from easy to run and use web application

Perform the audit in a simple and convenient way

Increase business efficiency and customer satisfaction

The most comfortable route to the state of compliance

  • Prove compliance to regulators and present engaging reports to the board with template-based, configurable reports and dashboards.


  • Ensure your company complies with internal IT policies, external regulations and/or legal requirements.


  • Reach out to everyone involved in the compliance process with automated tasks, remediation plans, alerts, and reminders.


  • Align compliance priorities with organizational objectives to spend time on what matters most.


  • Track and quickly map the requirements, easing your compliance burden.


  • Document everything to provide clear, self-serve oversight for management, board or regulators.


  • Effective compliance management protects you from untold damage to your business and its reputation.


  • Centralize to allow auditors and regulators to work in a single platform.


  • Manage issues and incident remediation workflows.


  • Automate manual processes.

62% of firms are expecting regulators to publish even more regulatory information in the next year with 22% expecting significantly more.

42% of firms expect are expecting their compliance team to grow in 2017.

48% of respondents expect the personal liability of compliance professionals to increase in 2017.

70% of firms are expecting the focus on managing regulatory risk to rise in 2017.


Thomson Reuters

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