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Business Process and Requirements Design and Description Module


  • Integrated and robust WYSIWYG editor with BPMN modeler into one simple web-based application

  • Collaborate modify content and structure directly from the web browser

  • Standardized process flow diagrams and objects based on a flowcharting technique, intuitive to business users and able to represent complex process semantics


  • Web-based process modeler and wiki-like editor

  • BPMN 2.0 diagrams support

  • Import content pages from Office, wiki content, Excel, CSV and BPMN v2.0 diagrams

  • Export pages to PDF, ODT, RTF, XML or HTML or diagrams to XML or SVG file

  • Powerful WYSIWYG editor

  • Organize your Documents by grouping them together

  • Create, Edit, Show, Print, Delete, Copy, Rename and Send By Mail documents

  • Attachments

  • Users and Groups Management

  • Referencing to other documents and sections within documents

  • Search and indexing

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Transformation suite includes following modules

Support for creation and collaboration of business process management.

Connect and collaborate with colleagues on projects and stimulate a live flow of knowledge through the organization.

Increase business efficiency and customer satisfaction

Manage projects more efficiently by following tested structure and system.

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