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Audit Log Module



  • Easy and unified approach to logging (both from systems as well as from technical devices)

  • GDPR compliant audit logging with the protection of personal data and the right to be forgotten implemented

  • Protected logs from integrity perspective increase security and improve compliance with different standards (HIPPA, ISO 27001, SOX, etc)

  • Scalable architecture and self-management capacities allow implementing organization-wide logging with minimal effort





  • Data collection from many sources (inside application and ability to connect outside sources via connectors) → allows correlating events throughout the network into a single chain of events

  • Integrity protection of audit log data (by using blockchain like data signing technology for data posted to the audit log)

  • Personal data identification/protection/masking functionality

  • Rule and AI-based anomaly detection in the audit log events

  • Rule and AI-based dataset (Personal data) detection

  • Writing into the audit log doesn't create delays in the application (message query type of approach allows software to continue operations without waiting for audit log response)

  • Self-scalable technology based on containerization allows the module to scale up and down automatically if the infrastructure supports it

  • Retrieval and writing service allows to link a single log record to multiple objects within the core system (thus a single log entry can easily be seen from both user activity log and a record accessed log)

  • Self-management of logs allows setting the maintenance intervals for different log types, mark items as "suspicious" to prevent their deletion during maintenance jobs and automate the log management

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Integration suite includes following modules

The backbone of efficient communication.    

Collect the data from many sources.

Create and validated single user identity independently with different authentication providers.

Makes sure your systems always use up-to-date data.

Everything there is about messages and notifications.

Build your web applications with pre-built, fully customizable modules and custom functionality.

Quickly deploy custom mobile application both on Android and iPhone.    

Create data processing rules with minimal software development skills and easy to use engine.

Manage projects, track milestones, set dependencies and accomplish tasks effectively.

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