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Advanced Application Analytics Module



  • The full picture of why your apps crash and how to prevent it from happening in the future


  • Enables to truly grasp the factors that impact the customer experience

  • Visibility into application health from the client perspective

  • Able to monitor system aspects as well as application performance and user experience

  • User-­friendly and intelligent monitoring tool that provides full visibility of your application without giving too much data

  • Broad technology coverage





  • User behavior analysis, full insights into customer experience

  • Application performance management

  • Infrastructure monitoring (including servers, containers, and cloud)

  • Deep, accurate, granular tracking of every single transaction

  • Pre-configured and automatically adjusted dashboards

  • Artificial intelligence continuously auto-detects dependencies, learns application behavior, detects anomalies, and proactively pinpoints the root causes of issues

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Load testing suite includes following modules

Gives valuable long-term insights into actual system operation versus what is designed and expected

A highly customizable large load generator which can be deployed simultaneously in many locations.

Gain performance insights that expose and diagnose bottlenecks within the application, network or infrastructure that can help you fix them before users are impacted.

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