Increase cyber security of your data, systems and networks.
  • certified security architects and experts

  • focus on actual security

  • 360 degree solutions

The average cost of a successful cyber attack is five million dollars.

Let us test and take care of  your systems before hackers come.

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Everything you need to manage the state of compliance policies, procedures, and processes.

Software components for data updating and management in web and mobile applications.

End to end load testing, baseline testing platform and consulting services.

Technology and services to enable full cycle and ongoing security in all aspects.

Toolset for documenting requirements for changes in systems or requirements for new system development.

Security operations center that protects your data and IT systems from security threats 24/7.

Our Philosophy: security solutions for connected planet

Being focused on the customer needs has always been our priority. Our products have been created based on actual customer requirements and in close collaboration with them.

OwiTech has focused on transferring its specific knowledge and experience in fields of security, load testing and integration into a set of great products. We operate on a global scale, providing a variety of companies and individuals with quality products and innovations.


Almost all of our products serve as service enablers which makes them much more than just software. Our partners use our platforms to provide services, our customers get these services in unified, standardised and efficient manner through OwiTech platforms.


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